In its purest form gold is yellow in colour and is way too soft for making jewelry of it. And therefore jewelry designers mix it with a number of metals to turn it into usable hardness. It is after the metals are mixed that the yellow gold comes to life.

White gold and rose gold too are a mix of pure gold with a few metals that gives them a distinct colour. In reality the value of all of the three variants aren’t any different as the composition of gold in them remains the same. And so when it comes to gold earrings designs people get confused with the metal compositions. Here is a little guide on the metal and earrings.

Yellow gold earrings

This is the most classic gold used world over for jewelry making. Yellow gold is popular for its shine and look. The basic designs have that special glow and reverberating feel to it that the appeal doesn’t get lost. Yellow gold earrings are best when chosen in simplistic designs or with diamonds and other gems. Yellow gold earrings are typically of 22K, 18K or 14k purity.

White gold earrings

White gold has experienced a wave of popularity in the recent years only. It is the whitish colour of the gold that appeals. White gold is actually a mix of pure yellow gold with metals like silver, palladium and nickel. The finished gold has a slight yellow tinge to it and therefore is most suitable wit white diamonds. The white gold earrings are a hit with white diamonds and work in the designs of studs, hoop earrings and engagement rings.

Rose gold earrings

The recent trends of rose gold colour hit the market with all its beauty. The rose gold colour is derived from a mix of yellow gold with copper. The pinkish red tinge of the metal works wonders for a feminine jewelry design. Today it is primarily known to accentuate the designs of diamonds earrings, studs, rings and watches. The higher the copper content the darker is the rose tinge to it.

Whether you pick up white gold, rose gold or the yellow gold the value of the gold in all of these remain the same. The distinction comes in the appearance and impression it creates. Go for studs and diamons for a classic appearance. Make sure you pick the metal which accentuates the gems used in the jewelry of your choice!