The number of eyewear brands is enormous. That is why when shooting their campaigns, the brands’ art-managers, photographers and copywriters do their best to be cool. As a rule, well-established brands put an emphasis on the aesthetics. They organize a photo shoot with the participation of the most successful models, choose an atmospheric setting and invite the most professional photographers. Some new eyewear brands may hire a celebrity to promote their brand – they expect the fans of the celebrity to turn into their loyal customers. In many cases that strategy may also prove effective.

But in case the brand wants to really stand out – the surest way would be to work out a witty advertisement. That may be a video or an advertising photo or picture that is so amusing and witty, that people gladly share it in social networks. And in some cases the witty ad may get some awards for its quality.

There exist a lot of witty ads in the sphere of eyewear and eyecare products. Today we’re going to get acquainted with some of them.

Let’s start with Carrera Irresistible campaign. The idea behind the campaign was to show how irresistible a person can get when putting on Carrera sunglasses – apparently, neither a bride nor a young widow can’t resist Carrera sunglasses wearer. It also shows how more spectacular the world is when contemplated through Carrera lenses.

The next campaign under consideration is the series of pictures created for Oogmen Opticians in Belgium. The slogan of the campaign reads: “Get the respect you deserve”. The prints show how the eyeglasses may reveal the individuality of a person and change the impression he or she makes on others – and interesting take on prescription sunglasses. The prints are so simple and catchy that it takes seconds to get the idea behind the campaign.

And for dessert, let’s check out the advertisement for Baush&Lomb contact lenses. According to them, the contact lenses symbolize the death of eyeglasses. The eyeglasses case is depicted as a coffin and the “dead” eyeglasses are neatly tucked in with a cleaning cloth.

Hopefully, eyewear manufacturers will keep coming up with new great ideas to advertise their products to improve not only our eyesight – but our mood as well.