The red rose has been a universal symbol of affection and love. The long history of rose makes it even more important in today’s time. We have seen red roses being incorporated into many works of art. Also, artists and lovers from across cultures get inspiration from them. Indeed, today, a real rose in glass dome represents modern creativity.

Today, the red rose has become has a media and musical figure, as well as a political and religious symbol. It is because it signifies courage, prosperity, and respect. Because of this, the red rose is a perfect gift item for anyone who wants to make a statement. But, people usually associate this flower with love and romance.

Its Humble Beginnings in Europe

In the 1800s, the red rose was brought to Europe from China, although people back then associate this flower differently than what we do today. Initially, the color red symbolized life but eventually, people associate it with profound emotions. Red roses had been used in early cultures for decorating wedding ceremonies and their traditional wedding attire. Such traditions make way for the embracement of red roses as a symbol of fidelity and deep love. As people exchanged roses and other flowers to show their affection, the red rose had been chosen by lovers because of the strong message of love it sends. This is a tradition that continues to live on until today.

Sending Red Roses as a Special Gift

While people send a bouquet of flowers to express their love, others have chosen to make a modern twist into this gift-giving practice. A lot of them prefer to give a timeless red rose gift by sending a rose in a glass dome. The strong symbolize of the rose is preserved so that the recipient will continue to cherish it instead of being thrown away in the trash when the flower has lost its freshness. With this gift item, the rose will always maintain its original glory.

Red roses are perfect gifts to express emotions during Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, and other occasions. Those who are in a budding romance and new relationship can give a bouquet of red rosebuds to symbolize the beginning of a romantic intention and an initial invitation to take the relationship to the next level. They don’t need dozens of roses because even a piece of rose with a long stem can already evoke a strong response from the recipient. A red rose has this trait that no other flowers have.