Belts are known to hold pants up but you need to be aware that they can help to create bold statement. Basics of belts are simple but choosing is personal taste, which allows you express it. Simple task done correctly shows your fashion style. On the other hand, a mismatch reveals that you need to get trained about dressing well.

In modern era, different types of belts for men are available. They are not just functional but add trimmings to an outfit making it stand out more.

  • Leather belt
  • Dress belt
  • Woven belt
  • Fabric belt

Formal belts have simple buckles either in silver or gold. Make sure to match the buckle finish with jewelry you wear. Fashion evolution has made designers come up with different kinds of belt buckles ranging from plain frame to two hoop, and modern plate buckle. Many men even add used Louis Vuitton [legendary fashion house recognized as luxury brand] belts to their wardrobe.

Basics of belts


If you wear trouser with 34” waist then choose a 36” -38” labeled belt will be accurate. An ideal fit means the tip of the belt needs to extend comfortable past first loop and stop halfway on its way to next loop.


Belt needs to be at a height between 1 and 1 ½”, except skinny belts. This measurement is good with any trouser style. It ensures your belt is not funnily wide.


Gold, silver, and brass are accessible buckle finishes, so pick one that matches the heavy metals you wear like cufflinks or watch. Buckles are available in variety of styles like with tongue, hook, or sliding latch.


Leather needs to match leather shoe color. Glossy belts can be paired with polished shoes. Similarly, pair matte footwear with matte belt. You get freedom to match cloth shoes with cloth belt of different colors. Animal patterns like reptilian and snakeskin or bold colored belts deigned from modern materials are eye-catching. Remember that distinctive belts can draw attention to midsection.

What affects leather belt price?


Similar looking belts can differ in price factors. Leather quality is common factor. Good belt has supple, soft leather, which can be flexed to ensure it is not turned brittle.


Construction is another factor that affects belt price. Buy small and tightly stitched belts having no loose ends, where leather is sewn,


The fashion house also plays a role in end cost.